1. It is acceptable to submit the whole carcass from animals weighing less than 2 pounds (e.g., bat). You should not attempt to remove the head.
  2. Any bat that may have exposed a person or owned animal(pet)should be tested even if a bite is not known to have occurred (e.g., found in a room with an infant or sleeping, intoxicated or otherwise incapacitated person).
  3. Provide all information requested on the Rabies Submission Form, if available. If the specimen’s result is positive, the Department of Public Health will use the contact information that you provide on the form to contact the resident. Collect complete contact information, including home, work and mobile telephone numbers.Rabies Submission Forms can be found here: http://www.idph.state.il.us/about/laboratories/RabiesSubmissionForm.pdf
  4. Bats must be placed inside a clear zip-lock bag or equivalent. Please TRIPLE bag each specimen. Place the Rabies Submission Form on the outside of the bag. Package forms so that they remain clean. Make sure that the Rabies Submission Form is securely attached and does not become separated.
  5. Place the bagged, labeled specimen in the refrigerator until it is picked up. Do not freeze specimens!
  6. Contact your county’s Department of Animal Care and Control or Animal and Rabies Control and let them know that you have a specimen that needs testing. They will probably pick up the specimen for you. If they are unavailable or cannot pick up the specimen for you, please call:


825 N. Rutledge St
Springfield, IL 62702
(217) 782-6562

2121 W. Taylor St.
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 793-4760

For advice on human rabies exposure, please contact your local health department first for exposure consultation. If the local health department cannot be reached, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health Communicable Disease Control section:
During business hours: (217) 782-2016
After hours: (800) 782-7860


Once you have exhausted all of your county and state resources, you may call the nonprofit Wildlife Control Policy Institute. In cases of human exposure (i.e., bat in the bedroom), the nonprofit will dispatch personnel to capture a bat and send it for rabies testing regardless of a resident’s ability to pay. The Wildlife Control Policy Institute NFP can be reached by calling (773) 870-0870. Non-emergency requests for assistance and training requests can be emailed to info@wildlifepolicy.org.

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